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Title: CEN Workshop on Container Security and Tracking Devices
Location: Brussels
Meeting Date: 9/19/2011
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This meeting is devoted to the development of a standard for Container Security and Tracking Devices. The development of this standard was done based on a draft agreement document prepared by the SMART-CM project team and with the assistance of various individuals and organizations which supported the technical consensus.

The meeting focused on discussion and consensus building for:
1) Proposed Standards for Container Security Devices (CSDs), based on: a) CSD Implementation experiences in the European Union, including Project SMART-CM
b) The types of CSD standards being adopted in regions other than the EU
c) Physical and Operational Standards, which are anticipated to meet with near-total certainly the Security requirements of Customs Authorities in the EU and globally, while also encouraging commercial adoption to facilitate economic and safe trade.
2) The SMART-CM neutral layer and the Protocol standardization for the exchange of Security status information between CSDs & future “neutral platforms” for storage of and appropriately secure regulatory authority access to CSD data.
3) Presentations by non-European Union representatives (invited) concerning the progress which their respective authorities and industry working groups have and will achieve.